Potato Heads

Launch Starts In

Road Map

10% Sold

We will pick 10 random Potato Heads owners
who will recive a Free Potato Heads NFT.

30% sold

5x 1 ETH will be given away to five different
Potato Heads holders.

50% sold

We will establish a donation fund of five ETH
which will be donated to one or more organizations
that the community agress on.

70% sold

We will drop potato heads merch. This will
include tees, hoodies, and hats.

100% sold

We will buy land in the metaverse. Here we
will build a potato field where we can all hang
out including a farmers market. We will also
build a potato farming game within this land.

Elite Crops

Elite crops is an exclusive club of 100 randomly assigned golden Potato Heads. This is an exclusive club where the owners of these limited NFTs will get special and rewarding benefits for being a part of the community. These benefits change periodically and can include profit sharing from royalties and exclusive opportunities on our future projects related to potato heads. Are you one of the lucky 1% to mint a golden tater?

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